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ISO Components provides Electronic Component Logistics Solutions

checked In-House Military Standard Packaging
With our in-house MIL-STD-2073 USA military standard packaging facilities and our ability to perform packaging and logistics to numerous USA and international standards, we are well equipped to handle governmental contracts. Our location gives us easy local access to USA government points of inspection and freight hubs for swift service. This packaging and logistics service is now available to other companies on a contract by contract basis, small or large.

checked Global Delivery
We ship everyday using the most reliable major freight carriers to ensure acurate delivery schedules. Our global logistical partners help us deliver damage free product to one, or multiple, destinations around the world. Our industry leading inspection process is performed on every parts prior to packing and shipping. This ensures our zero-defect record.

Buyer Terms and Conditions

  • All quotations from ISO Components are valid for 30 days, subject to prior sale.
  • Quotations are FOB Melbourne, FL - Buyer is responsible for freight charges from Melbourne Florida to the final destination.
  • All orders shall be placed in writing either by facsimile or electronic mail by the buyer.
  • Standard warranty for parts sold is 30 days form, fit and function unless otherwise specified in writing. Warranty claims should be made in writing by confirmed delivery to ISO Components within the warranty period. Parts supplied as Factory New condition will hold the manufacturer's warranty unless otherwise specified and warranty claims for those parts should be directed to the manufacturer, not ISO Components - ISO Components can assist in the claim if required. ISO Components cannot be held liable for damage through mis-use of the parts supplied.
  • Returns can only be accepted with prior authorization in writing with a RMA number. All returns should be within 7 days of delivery of the parts and a 30% re-stocking fee will be applied plus out-of-pocket expenses such as freight charges - no exceptions. Returns include refused COD shipments and cancellation of confirmed orders. Returns shall be in the original packaging with the parts in the condition supplied.
  • The Buyer shall make best effort to accept deliveries as they arrive and shall not delay delivery of COD shipments for more than 24 hours.

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